Residential Automatic Door Closer JY-Q

Residential Automatic Door Closer JY-Q

Product description:

residential automatic sliding door
1. For small sliding doors
2. Especially for home, small hotels
3. for 1 leaf or 2 leaf

residential automatic sliding door

Door stylesingle leaf or double leaf
Door width650mm~1300mm
Door weight.max60kgs 60kgsX2
Power supply240VAC, 50/60Hz
Voltage output12V DC, 24V DC

Brushless Motor

30W, 24V DC
Opening speed and closing speed250~550mm/ S

Creep speed

20~100mm/ S
Manual opening Force (50N
Hold-Close Force (250N
Hold-open time0-9s (adjustable)

1. Features
Simple device, easy to install, moderate speed, reliable performance. Brushless
micro-motor, microprocessor control. It can be connected with remote control, hand
sensor, foot sensor, microwave sensor etc.

2. Appliances
It is mainly used for kitchen door and separated door of home.
It is the most applicable to match a foot sensor for kitchen door, so you can open and
close the door easily with dishes in hand.