Automatic Sliding Door Operator LS-100

Automatic Sliding Door Operator LS-100

Product description:

door automatic
1. Automatic door, 15 functions adjustable
2. Automatic door, digital display
3. CE certifacated

door automatic
Door stylesingle leaf or double leaf
Door width650mm~1300mm
Door weight.max150kgs 150kgsX2
Power supply90VAC~250VAC, 50/60Hz
Voltage output12V DC, 24V DC

Brushless Motor

55W, 24V DC
Opening speed and closing speed250~550mm/ S

Creep speed

20~100mm/ S
Manual opening Force (50N
Hold-Close Force150N (f (250N
Hold-open time0-9s (adjustable)

1. A digital display and indicator light directly provides information regarding the status of the doors.
2. Adopting digital communication mode to set parameters, avoiding using screwdriver to set parameters, so avoiding long-term contact point oxidated to make parameter changed.
3. The wide voltage range can meet undervoltage and the wide voltage fluctuation.
4. Complete functions can make users to choose various modes to open and close doors.
5. Reasonable mechanical structure, and beautiful surface treatment, making installation and debugging easy
6. There are remote parameter setting interface in the controller, realizing wireless remote parameter setting.
7. Powerful intelligent self-closing function, at the statue of locked, computer will output changeable intelligent power to motor through monitoring doors, it is energy-efficient and can realize safe closing.
8. Main function interfaces include: permanent open, partial open, inside lock, outside lock, full lock, fire alarm, interlock, card reader, safety beam sensor.
9. Human design, making door installation and wiring easy.
10. Manual mode and remote control mode to realize quick and easy mode change.
11. Using digital microprocessor, and adopting contactless control for inside signal loop, open and close accurately.
12. Adopting DC brushless motor, and worm gear, worm rotation, starting torque is big, quiet running, long life, especially for quiet environments, such as office building, bank, apartment building.