Anionic polymerization acrylamide

Anionic polymerization acrylamide

Product description:

Anionic polyacrylamide (APAM)

The Company produced anionic polyacrylamide according to different purposes, divided into two processes A homo A copolymer; anionic polyacrylamide as a white granule / powder, flocculation, thickening, shear resistance and other properties, soluble in water, almost insoluble in organic solvents, widely used in sewage and drinking water treatment, paper, oil, coal, construction, textile and other industries. this product has passed ISO9001 quality certification.

Industrial wastewater treatment: For the suspended particles, coarse, high concentration, positively charged particles, water PH value is neutral or alkaline water, such as iron and steel plant wastewater, electroplating plant wastewater, wastewater metallurgy, coal washing waste such as sewage treatment, best.

Drinking water treatment: a high molecular weight is generally used in a lot of water of appropriate water from rivers, sediment and mineral content is high, more turbid, though filtered through precipitation, still can not meet the requirements, the need flocculant dosing over water. use more inorganic flocculants, but adding capacity, could easily lead to an increase of secondary sludge. now using anionic polyacrylamide as flocculants, inorganic coagulant dosage is 1/50, but the effect is the inorganic flocculants several times for serious organic pollution of river water can be inorganic coagulant I produced and used in conjunction with cationic polyacrylamide better.

Starch lees loss recovery plant starch and alcohol plant: Many starch factory wastewater containing a lot of starch, dosing anionic polyacrylamide, starch particles flocculation and sedimentation, then precipitate by filter press filter press into cake like, can be used for feed. ethanol plant wine grooves may also be produced by our company cationic polyacrylamide, pressure filtration for recycling.

Papermaking: paper industry for the clarification of liquid caustic soda; fiber dispersing agent, can improve the freeness, filler retention agents, paper strengthening agent, can be used to improve the drainage rate and water recycling.

Oil additives: Oilfield water shutoff profile control plugging agent, tertiary oil recovery oil displacement agent.

Packaging, storage and precautions: using 25Kg bags lined with plastic or paper-plastic bag, can also be packaged according to user requirements storage, pay attention to heat, moisture, packaging to prevent breakage, long exposed dry product will absorb moisture. caking. stacking shall not exceed 20 layers. effective storage period is 2 years.

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