Paper dispersant

Paper dispersant

Product description:

Rising dispersant is a composite polymer, which can effectively disperse the pulp fibers improve the softness of the pulp and paper evenness, it is an important aid tissue production, but also the agent is widely used in paper paper flowers, bright tissue paper and newsprint papermaking, it can avoid the copy paper into the hole, even high, feel good, can also increase the speed papermaking, beating time savings, reduce energy consumption, with significant economic benefits.
First, the product of physical and chemical indicators: Appearance: bright white small particles effective content of 90%, a molecular weight of 1200-2000 million units.
Second, the product performance: 1, the use of this product in a very small amount and play a unique dispersion and can save paper pulp, paper output increase of 5-10% so that fines and additional material retention rate under the net from the water concentration. may be used in a wide range of conditions under PH4-10. 2, it can be used to retain all pulp softness, without prejudice to adding additives, dispersing effect is not affected by other papermaking other additives. It can be used to overcome many of the paper's disease give paper peculiar physical properties.
Third, the amount of: Toilet paper: 0.5-1kg / t, cardboard: 0.2-1kg / t, cultural paper: 0.1-1kg / t, newsprint: 0.2-0.4kg / t.
The use of methods: Dissolution: non-metallic container, water temperature below 25 ℃, while the water side of the dispersant slowly spread evenly in the drain pipe mouth, the dispersant is washed with water with the vessel, continuous stirring for 5-10 minutes, stirring after each interval of 30 minutes once, repeated 1-2 times, you can use 1-2 hours later.
V. Note: 1, if improper operation will be more difficult to insoluble flocculent suspended upon dissolution was floating in the water should be filtered or wait then dissolved slowly, does not affect use effect 2, if there dispersant use solution with less, the effect is not ideal, but instead increase the amount of paste felts and other ills. 3 using higher chlorine and high hardness of tap water may be added when the number of soda dissolved, who generally use 3-7 grams per ton, in particular a large amount of the dispersant, mostly water quality problems, adjust the water hardness.
VI, packaging and storage: paper-plastic woven bag 25kg / bag should be placed in a cool dry place, storage period of 20 months.

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