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I. Introduction: PAC (Poly Aluminium chloride acronym PAC), is a new type of inorganic polymer water purifying agent it is between a hydrolyzate of aluminum chloride and aluminum hydroxide between strong. bridge adsorption properties, soluble in water, the hydrolysis process is accompanied by electrochemical condensation, adsorption and precipitation and other physical and chemical processes, water purification effect is far superior to the traditional low-molecular water purifying agent aluminum sulfide, ferric chloride, ferrous sulfate, and alum, etc. at home and abroad are widely used for drinking water, industrial water purification and sewage treatment, users are welcome and valued.
Second, the product advantages: l strong flocculation, high adsorption activity, floc formation and settling fast; 2. do not need bases and other additives, PH wide range of easy to use; for low temperature, low turbidity, low-alkali of raw water are also good flocculation effect; 3. significantly reduce the stirring, mixing, precipitation time, and flocculation tanks, sedimentation tanks and other small; 4. addition to iron, manganese good effect can be obtained by the low conductivity water; 5. equipment is simple, easy to operate, low corrosive, good working conditions, low processing costs.
Third, use: 1. widely used in the oil industry oily wastewater treatment, oil and water separation, oil field injection water purification, etc. 2. It is ideal for the pharmaceutical industry wastewater, wastewater treatment, widely used in metallurgy, electric power, leather. , pharmaceutical, printing and dyeing, chemical and other industries. 3. it is an ideal drug for treatment of high fluoride water, fluoride works well, it is an important chemical raw material use in the chemical, foundry, cement, refractories and other aspects.
The use of methods: first the product was dissolved into 10% -30% of the solution, and then diluted with water to the desired concentration dosing best PH value of 3.5 to 5.0, select the best PH value adding, can play mixed. the maximum benefit is generally turbid water condensate per 100 tons pharmaceutical dosing 0.5-2.0kg (5 - 20ppm), raw water turbidity is high, the appropriate dosage increased turbidity is low, the dosage may be appropriate to reduce rural use,. the medicine into the inner tank, stir and let stand, the supernatant can be used to join wood per 50 kg Pharmacy l grams. as will be combined with the use of this agent and I produced a polymer flocculant, the better . dosing can be produced by our company or anionic polyacrylamide with cationic polyacrylamide flocculant PAC dissolved together into a composite PAC after use or added to water to be treated first formed aggregates, after joining the company produced anionic polyacrylamide adsorption rack bridge into large floc.
Fifth, packaging, storage and precautions: This product is non-toxic polyethylene plastic bags, plus a woven bag, net weight 25kg library stored in a cool, dry, avoid sunlight and rain, is strictly prohibited and flammable, corrosive, toxic. items stored together. Because this product basicity appropriate polymerization degree, easy to absorb moisture, quality and shelf life of 2 years.

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