Basic aluminum chloride

Basic aluminum chloride

Product description:

Basic aluminum (BAC) chloride

Basic aluminum (BAC) chloride is an inorganic polymer coagulants expensive polyelectrolyte, can be regarded as an intermediate between a hydrolyzate of aluminum chloride and aluminum hydroxide between products is black. Its chemical formula It is (Al2 (OH) nCI6-n).

Basic aluminum chloride as a new coagulant has the following advantages: basic aluminum chloride has a unique effectiveness in dealing with paper, printing and dyeing wastewater floc formation rapid sedimentation rate is high, and therefore the reaction time can be shortened precipitation in. under the appropriate conditions to improve the production capacity of 1.5-3 times. applications range from water purification to waste water treatment and the development of other industries such as casting, light industry, medicine, machinery, etc., raw materials and also to the development process varied. waiting under dosage of basic aluminum chloride coagulation water hardness is less than consumption during various inorganic coagulant, reduce treated water PH value is small. thus when dealing with water, especially when dealing with high concentrations of water, may increase or less plus alkaline additives and coagulant decolorization ability superior to other inorganic purifying agent.

Usage: solid product should be added after dosing dissolved in water, the dilution ratio is generally: 2% -20% (weight percent); pharmaceutical dosage generally: solid product 10-15 g / t; specific dosage of the actual user test results to determine the amount.

Packaging, storage and precautions: This product is double-sealed packaging, inner layer of non-toxic polyethylene plastic bag, outer plastic woven bag, net weight 25kg, kept for two years this product is hygroscopic damp, but damp. after no effect on the results. recommendation Keep in a dry, moisture-proof, well ventilated, avoid heat. this product must not be toxic or harmful substances transported a total storage.

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