KRC series temperature tester

KRC series temperature tester

Product description:

KRC: Professional Temperature Tracker / furnace tracker / furnace temperature curve analysis systems / black box measurement system.

KRC The main field of application systems
include : metallurgy , car , Aerospace ,
glass , ceramics , Electronic reflow ,
Wave , powder , paint , Food, etc.

KRC temperature tester system consists of a programmable data logger, an insulated box (composed of highly efficient insulation), thermocouple (may be attached on the product) and Insight analysis software, etc. The system in conjunction with the product at high temperature the furnace will also monitor the product throughout the process (vacuum and Nocolok two processes) in real temperature. KRC software can then be used to analyze the stored data in order to ensure access to the required information to optimize the temperature curve. Now, with Chinese software and effective service and support China branch, the temperature profile test product has never become so easy!

Asian distributor and technical support Training Center Branch may send automation (CAPAC AUTOMATION)

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