OSPA efficient air classifier

OSPA efficient air classifier

Product description:

• Features functions

• The device uses OSPA efficient air classifier This classifier has a unique grading and classification mechanism of flow field, and in general there are significant differences grader has the following characteristics:
• I used the Institute developed software to simulate fluid dynamics numerical simulation of the flow field the most suitable, optimized impeller hierarchical structure; the complete flow field uniformity and stability, the impeller pressure loss, high-grade efficiency;
• Hierarchical airflow direction from the flank into the airflow purposes only landscape rotation, airflow smooth operation, low interference, clear and stable conditions for the classification;
• Unique classification flow field significantly reduces the energy consumption rating;
• free vortex and the organic combination of forced vortex flow field balanced, stable, air turbine classifier can be strictly controlled particle size fractionation, and obtain a narrow particle size distribution of the product (100 mesh to 1250 mesh), and easy-to large-scale equipment of.

• Unique classification flow field so that the material is longer residence time in the classification area, can be subjected to multiple hierarchical role, and thus the efficiency of high-grade, yield grade.
• classification round blade forming a high accuracy to ensure effective classification accuracy; using imported from Germany, the most advanced HL-56B dynamic balancing machines to ensure that the classification round with excellent dynamic balance, to ensure long-term stable operation of the equipment to ensure product stability;
• secondary air using a special design, the secondary air stream uniform whole segment surface, keeping clean flow field uniformity and stability, greatly reducing wear.
• Reasonable flow field design and wear parts wear special treatment, a large reduction in the wear and tear of equipment, extend the service life.
• increases the dust filtration area, the flow rate by pulse cleaning system airflow is small, so that the device run more stable and effectively extend the service life of the bag.
• Fully sealed vacuum operation, no dust pollution;

• Applications application fields

• [feijinshukuang] etc.
Typical materials are: quartz, barite, alumina, calcite, limestone, kaolin, heavy calcium carbonate, talc, mica, graphite, wollastonite and the like.