Steam kinetic energy mill

Steam kinetic energy mill

Product description:

Steam is superheated steam mill kinetic energy as a medium through the annular nozzle to accelerate to supersonic speed airflow, driving material acceleration, achieve mutual collision crushed. Material crushed through a turbine air classifier classification, qualified powder into a collection system to collect back substandard material back grinder continue to be crushed whole system is kept in superheated steam state, produced under completely dry method.
• Features functions

1. Low energy consumption, can take advantage of back-pressure steam or steam power generation low temperature waste heat generated by the existing post as the driving force, can effectively reduce the powder processing costs; if steam is not obtained prior to emptying the practical application, the use of steam After power grinding, powder processing costs will only jet mill processing cost of 1 / 5-1 / 8;

Energy-saving advantages, in areas where conditions permit, with a lower energy than the high-level energy saving significant.
2. The crush strength, finer powders can be obtained: the critical high-speed superheated steam, grinding intensity, is easy to obtain finer ultrafine powders, the material can be achieved for certain sub-micron and even nano-powder processing , conventional jet mill design line speed 400m / s ~ 600m / s, while the steam kinetic energy mill crush strength up to 1000m / s.
3. The steam-powered mill is the material to collide with the material crushing, small equipment wear, raw chunks if foreign objects (bolts, iron, etc.) into the device will not cause damage to the equipment, low maintenance, wearing parts rarely, equipment maintenance costs low;
4. Processing explosive powder (Such as: coal / petroleum coke, etc.) during the security is good, the material is crushed in the whole superheated steam, thus there is no danger of explosion; and after powder processing can be kept at a temperature of 40-80 ℃, help to improve the combustion efficiency;
5. processing powders wide size range, can be processed purpose powder of 100 mesh ~ 12,500 needed.
6. make full use of low-grade superheated steam power plant as power, low cost, large-scale ultra-fine powder processing, in line with national policy now vigorously promote energy conservation requirements, easy to get government support and national science and technology award science and technology funds.

• Applications application fields

Typical materials are: ash, sulfur waste, titanium dioxide, coal, petroleum coke, carbon black, carbon, blast furnace slag, steel slag, graphite, mica, talc, quartz, calcite, barite, diatomite, hydrogen aluminum / magnesium, metal oxide and all temperature materials.

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Now the main application areas are: power plant fly ash / sulfur waste, glass powder petroleum coke / coal, steel blast furnace slag / slag, calcined coke plant after the carbon / ultra-fine graphite, non-metallic minerals industry / superfine powder materials.