Hierarchical impact mill

Hierarchical impact mill

Product description:

• Features functions
Hierarchical impact mill is Meng strong impact hammer / Blade / rods and other high-speed rotation of the rotating body with the material, while the impact of the gap between the hammer and the liner impact / abrasion cut, to achieve ultrafine grinding of materials. and according to different materials properties (such as adhesion, fibrous, etc.), for a special optimization designed to achieve the best solution results.

The device has the following characteristics:
• The model uses our streaming Institute of Technology developed the numerical hydrodynamic simulation software calculates the most suitable flow field, pressure distribution best to guide the design, which greatly improves the grinding efficiency, reduce energy consumption.
• worn finer granularity than ordinary mechanical mill, built-efficient turbo air classifier, narrow particle size distribution, high-grade precision and no large particles can be arbitrarily regulated product size between 60-2000 mesh;

• Use air-cooled design, the system is running air volume, low ground temperature, suitable for processing heat sensitive materials; • unique design and a constant flow field gas-solid concentration control, ensure that the system can be a long and stable operation;
• crushing hammer and ring made of superhard materials by using special technology, wear parts are made of wear-resistant treatment, which greatly improves the service life, life is 4-5 times that of other similar models, and greatly reducing the pollution of iron impurities; (this approach has been very good in a number of units of application)
• The automatic slagging;
• Fully sealed negative pressure operation, the collector using the new filter material, collection efficiency up to 99.9%, and no environmental pollution; enables convenient cleaning;
• High degree of automation, the machine is fully enclosed vacuum operation, no dust pollution, collection efficiency) of 99.9%.

LNI-180A + hierarchical impact mill

LNI-180A-2 hierarchical impact mill

• Applications application fields

• Typical materials are non-metallic minerals: calcium carbonate, kaolin, talc, graphite, calcite, wollastonite, barite, pyrophyllite

• Chemical Materials
• herbal raw materials with ultra-fine processing typically are: pollen, hawthorn, mushrooms, pearl powder, stomach, nimodipine, antibiotics, contrast
Drugs, fungus, gall, Polygonum and so on.