Abrasive powder special jet mill classifier

Abrasive powder special jet mill classifier

Product description:

The device is developed using our Institute hydrodynamic simulation software calculates the most suitable flow field, breaking the particle acceleration technology, which greatly improves the grinding efficiency, reduce energy consumption, over crushed small; use of the equipment The abrasive particles entirely consistent with international standards and optical-level requirements (eg: W63-W5, Japanese standard JIS240 # -3000 #, European standard F230 / 53-F1200 / 3).

• Features functions

• Material collide crushed, wear, almost no iron contamination of products, without the high cost of the pickling process;
• a smash grading can be processed into the current standards of domestic and foreign brands of any product, narrow particle size distribution and no large particles;
• No water, washed with water, completely dry production, once production is completed get better abrasive powder particle size distribution;
• Simultaneous size of the two segments of the product; a combination of variable structure, compact structure, easy operation and maintenance, washable quickly, a machine;?
(Crushed grader can do, also can be done alone grader used)
• jets can take advantage of and crush strength control technology;
• complete, stable and uniform flow field control technology;
• Our original external seal technology (patent), effectively ensures no leakage of large particles;
• shredding chamber constant concentration ratio of gas-solid design technology to ensure the system is stable for a long time to run;
• Reasonable flow field design and wear parts wear special treatment, a large reduction in the wear and tear of equipment, extend the service life
Particle morphology control technology, using our specially designed crush structure, available angular particles. (To meet the wire cutting powder [yaoqiukelilengjiaofenming] standards)

• Reasonable flow field design and wear parts wear special treatment, a large old equipment to reduce wear and prolong the service life.
• a machine, either as a ground grading machine, grading machine also can be used alone use.
• increasing the filtration area, the system flow by a small pulse cleaning airstream, so that the device run more stable and effectively extend the service life of the bag.
• Regulation of a technical grade product ratio;
• Fully sealed vacuum operation, no dust pollution;

LNJ-120A-3 type smash grader flow chart:
LNC-300A-3 type air classifier flow chart:

• Applications application fields

Typical materials are: • Diamond • Green (black) silicon carbide • Brown (white) corundum • CBN • Garnet • zircon sand, quartz sand • tungsten carbide, special ceramics, refractories and other .....