Soybean Special hierarchical impact mill

Soybean Special hierarchical impact mill

Product description:

Soybean Special hierarchical impact mill are specially designed for the high oil content, an ultrafine grinding equipment strong adhesion of materials development, the device is a hammer / blade / rod using high-speed rotation of the rotary body or the like and Meng strong impact of materials, while the impact of the gap between the hammer and the liner impact / abrasion cut, to achieve ultra-fine grinding of materials.

• Features functions

The device has the following characteristics:
• worn finer granularity than ordinary mechanical mill, built-efficient turbine classifier. Narrow particle size distribution, high-grade precision and no large particles product Size available 100-2000 Head Room Any regulation ;
• Use air-cooled design, the system is running wind capacity, crushing temperature is less than 45 ℃, suitable for high oil content, processing adhesion of materials, and to ensure that the natural properties of soy;
• Unique flow field design and constant control of gas-solid concentration, the material in the cavity of the short residence time to avoid material adhering to the inner wall of the cavity;
• The automatic slagging;
• crushing hammer and liner materials using special technology and production, long life;
• Increase the dust filter area, using a hydrophobic oleophobic coating bag, effectively prevent dust adhering to the filter bag;
• The machine adopts closed negative pressure operation, no dust pollution.

Pesticide mixing unit dedicated jet milling process flow diagram:

• Applications application fields

• Beans / food / medicine, etc.
Typical materials are: Soybean , Kidney beans, green beans, peas, buckwheat, oats, starch, astragalus, rhubarb, ephedra, kudzu root, Wei root, skullcap.