Dedicated silicon metal grinder

Dedicated silicon metal grinder

Product description:

The model is the company for silicon metal processing requirements (coarse granularity, high yield requirements), and to develop a new special grinding equipment.
The company developed special silicon metal powder production line [jinshuguifenzhuanyongsheliufensuijizu] predominantly high-yield, high yield, small equipment wear and equipment maintenance
Repair rate, high product purity, production environment clean and other advantages.
LNJP-960A-type jet pulverizer group controlled using the most advanced design concept crush, this design concept has been successfully applied to glass beads controllability pulverized glass beads developed special jet pulverizer Group has become the only choice in the industry Currently characteristics and size requirements for silicon metal silicon metal developed special jet mill group has been successfully applied in Asia Silicon Industry / Jinggangshan Apollo and dozens of other companies, compared with other devices shows great advantages and potential.

• Equipment advantages contrast

1. Yield
Our company jet mill grinding through the establishment of a uniform flow field, the material is accelerated to the same crush strength, the material particles after a collision qualified namely quickly separated; materials in the crushing cavity residence time is very short, so as to effectively avoid the product over crushed to improve the production yield 40-120 mesh (+ 40≤25%, -120 mesh ≤10%) of product, yield not less than 87%; Production 40-325 mesh (+ 40≤1%, when -325≤1%) of product, yield not less than 85%.
Other mechanical crushing force field can not establish a uniform pulverized particles after multiple collisions, qualified majority after crushing the particles can not be discharged, causing over crushed, thereby increasing the content of fines, the yield is relatively low. And mechanical wear The adjustment means rarely, generally only be controlled by adjusting the speed of the mill crushing strength, there are some limitations, the device is easy to wear, on the particle size distribution and product yield great impact.
2. Screening
My company built jet pulverizer efficient turbine classifier, after the material crushed to fine powder by turbine classifier sorting out, finished and coarse particles were sieved again, this material can easily screened, not only greatly improve the screening efficiency, extend the life of the screen, and to ensure that the net rate of screening material, and because less feed fines content screening, the screening process to avoid fines flying, production environment clean.
Mechanical mill grinding out particles mixed size, thickness powders are mixed together, when screening fine particles easily adhere to the rough and difficult to sift the material in the sieve to stay a long time, wear and tear on the screen greater screening efficiency is relatively low, the screening process, dust is large. and more ultra-fine powder particles adhere to the qualified, it would have been affected product quality.
3. equipment wear and maintenance rate
Our group is the use of a jet mill grinding power do airflow, the device itself has no moving parts, greatly extending the life of the host grinding parts, the company finalized LNJP-960A-type silicon metal grinder group dedicated jet after nearly two years of our clients use not crushed parts replacement main crushing equipment wear minimal long-term stable operation of equipment, product quality and stability. Jet Pulverizer main wearing parts for the classifier turbine classifier wheel, life of more than 1500 tons, easy to replace, time short.
Mechanical grinding is to adopt a medium impact on the material / punch rotation, rolling manner was pulverized silicon metal due to the high hardness, and was pointed shape, solid considerable wear and tear on the equipment, the general need 3-5 days to repair replacement of spare parts, equipment maintenance workload, the vulnerability of the high cost of the replacement is very time-consuming, affecting production.
4. Product purity difference
Jet pulverizer is the use of the material for grinding airflow, minimal equipment wear and easy to wear are made of wear-resistant protective part process, so the high product purity, without magnetic separation and pickling.
Mechanical grinding is the use of a medium (hammer) high-speed impact crushed the materials, equipment wear and wear down naturally to product impurities, resulting in contamination of the product, the iron content increased.
5. granule morphology difference
My company jet mill products uniform size distribution was normal, in the electron microscope observations into a honeycomb surface, large surface area, and the finished ultrafine powder particles adhere very little, which is conducive to the next step Production. (Figure 1)
Mechanical mill products particle size distribution is uneven, there is the phenomenon of segment files, the particles flaky / strip, the surface is too smooth, surface area, and because the system is not air classifier, the particle surface adhesion ultrafine powder, for quality of products have a certain impact. (Figure 2)
6. The difference between the production environment
Our entire system of the jet mill group for the whole negative pressure operation, the device uses the most advanced sub-chamber offline pulse dust collector, the entire production process, no dust, clean production environment, no powder loss.
Machinery grinding production process dust, poor production environments, fume larger loss.

• system flow chart
• The main technical parameters main parameters
Specifications Model
The particle size
Production capacity
Installed power
Consumption of wearing parts
40-120 mesh
(+40≤25%, -120≤10%)
1.6-2.2T / h
107kw (including dust)
11 yuan / ton
40-325 mesh
(+40≤1%, -325≤1%)
1.5-1.8T / h
107kw (including dust)
11 yuan / ton