Petroleum coke special mill

Petroleum coke special mill

Product description:

Features functions

LNI series dedicated petroleum coke mill is the company for petroleum coke properties and processing requirements of the industry and the development of a special type
①. I company for the petroleum coke characteristics, using numerical simulation software to design the most suitable crushing and classifying flow field, to optimize the crushing host and turbo air classifier design, effective solution to the problem of adhesion, improved yield no large particles appear;
. ② installed power of small, optimized system structure, greatly reducing energy consumption, installed power lower than other similar models quarter;
. ③ system running wind capacity, the material has a certain drying function; the other, the device can pass 80-100 ℃ flue gas of the material is dried.
Raw water is 9%, the finished powder moisture ≤3%;
Raw water is 7%, the finished powder moisture ≤2.2%;
Raw water is 5%, the finished powder moisture ≤1.5%;
④. Unique design and a constant flow field of gas-solid concentration control technology. A uniform particle size, narrow distribution, no large particles , And to ensure that the system can be a long and stable operation;
⑤. Smash hammer and ring gear using cemented carbide materials made through a special process, parts are easy to wear abrasion treatment, which greatly improves the service life of wearing parts, service life is 3-4 times that of other similar models and greatly reduces the contamination of iron impurities; (this approach has been very good in a number of units of application)
Unique protection disc design, effectively reduce the wear of the disc, greatly extending the life order.
⑥. The system designed with multiple sets of equipment and foreign body removal of iron slagging, can effectively prevent large particles of iron impurities and hard foreign objects (such as nuts, bolts, rocks, etc.) to enter, thereby greatly reducing the alloy hammer and ceramics ring possibility of damage.
. ⑦ smash hammer powder metallurgy materials, the wear resistance is 3-4 times of ordinary high chromium and high manganese material; ring wear-resistant ceramic material, the wear resistance is 3-4 times of ordinary high manganese material ; because it is non-metallic materials used, wear and tear to the iron content within a few coke powder, it does not affect the quality of the glass.
. ⑧ with a cyclone collector efficiency and low resistance, most of the powder from the cyclone collector down, greatly reducing the load of the bag, effectively extending the service life of the bag; filter using the latest US Offline cleaning technology , Effectively guarantee the cleaning effect, bag use oleophobic hydrophobic membrane bags (for strong adhesion of the powder such as: asphalt, petroleum coke, rare earth cerium oxide, soybean oil meal, carotene, etc.) and It increases the dust filtration area, the adhesion of the powder in the bag small, to ensure stable operation of the system for a long time.
⑨. Because of petroleum coke or pulverized coal as fuel, with a certain degree of risk, our company has on the device Venting devices. To improve the security of the device.
⑩. High degree of automation, the machine uses fully enclosed vacuum operation. Production environment clean and free of dust pollution Dust emissions less than 20mg / m3 (the national environmental standards ≤35mg / m3) to fully meet the national environmental protection requirements.

• Applications application fields

• Typical materials include: petroleum coke (domestic sponge coke / import shot coke), coal and so on.