Pesticide industry mixed with jet milling unit

Pesticide industry mixed with jet milling unit

Product description:

Pesticide industry pulverized and mixed with a jet stream unit is a dedicated company according to the special production process and material properties of the pesticide industry and the development and design of grinding and mixing unit of the device has the following advantages:

• Features functions

1. The model uses specialized fluid dynamics simulation software calculates the most suitable flow field, the best pressure distribution refers to the design, optimization grader rotor structure, the flow field uniformity, stability, small blade pressure loss; a breakthrough particle acceleration technology, which greatly improves the grinding efficiency, particle size distribution in polyethylene, over crushed small;
2. Reasonable cooling flow field, crushing process due to the rapid expansion of the air flow leaving the air stream temperature is lowered, and thus particularly suitable for heat-sensitive, low-melting materials processing.
3. The original special jet flow field and classification technology, the whole anti-static treatment, adhesive material suitable for processing, greatly reducing the material stuck inside the device;
4. features Cyclone collector efficiency and low resistance , The majority of products from the cyclone collector down, greatly reducing the load on the bag, reducing the powder adheres to the cartridge and effectively extend the service life of the bag; Special oleophobic coating hydrophobic filter (for strong adhesion of the powder such as: water-absorbent resin, soybean oil meal, carotene, rare earth cerium oxide, etc.) and Increases the dust filtration area , The adhesion of the powder in the bag small, to ensure stable operation of the system for a long time. Collection efficiency can reach 99.99%, fully meet the national environmental emission standards.
5. The front end features a mechanical coarse crushing system to address the raw material in bulk airflow blockage and improve grinding efficiency behind.
6. pulverized and mixed simultaneously, using the double helix of the mixer with a spray, to ensure thorough mixing of the material.
7. Using vacuum suction feeding, dust removal device has a power feed opening, feeding process without crushing contamination.
8. The entire system PLC control system, it can also be used to manually control the automatic control, easy to operate.

Pesticide mixing unit dedicated jet milling process flow diagram:

• Applications application fields

• pesticide industry
Typical materials are: wettable powders, fungicides, imidacloprid lacewing, antibacterial agents, herbicides, clotrimazole and the like.