Medicine and food special ultrafine grinding grading machine

Medicine and food special ultrafine grinding grading machine

Product description:

The company's commitment to the provincial Science and Technology Department research project 'medicine hypothermia research (project number: 02SG011-44) ultra-fine grinding equipment has made breakthrough research -LNJM series of Medicines and Health Products dedicated crushed grader, and put the engineering practice, We have achieved good results.

• Features functions

• Unique Field more crushing, high on the soft and fibrous materials grinding efficiency, high crush strength, such as fungus and other energy to produce effective broken.
• Reasonable cooling flow field, preventing medicines and other deterioration due to local temperature rise, crushing a low temperature, to ensure the natural properties of pulverized pharmaceutical and health products
And quality.
• polluting products, the inner shell surface is smooth and easy to clean, small footprint, low noise, no vibration, wide application of the series of products processing equipment
Compliance with pharmaceutical GMP standards;

• Applications application fields

• traditional Chinese medicine
Typical materials are: American ginseng, ginseng, Ganoderma lucidum, pearls and other precious Chinese herbal medicines and pollen, hawthorn, mushrooms, pearl powder, gall, Polygonum and so on.
• Western medicine
Typical materials are: stomach, nimodipine, antibiotics, contrast drugs.
• food
Typical materials are: soybeans, tea, wave dishes.
• health products
Typical materials are: velvet, ginseng, Ganoderma lucidum, ginseng, pearl and other precious Chinese herbal medicines.