Dedicated pulverized glass beads grader

Dedicated pulverized glass beads grader

Product description:

Glass beads crushed grader is dedicated for the needs of the domestic market, the company set up a special technical group, after years of painstaking research, development, testing, etc., for the crushing properties of glass beads, from how to improve product yield and product, reduce equipment energy consumption and iron impurities, simplify equipment operation and other aspects of the theoretical analysis and experimental research done a lot, and according to the user site practice and experience, independent research and development to design and market a new type of glass beads dedicated smash grader. The device received a patent and a utility model patents.
The successful application of the device, an effective solution to the current constraints of the pulverized glass beads deep-seated contradictions: namely, to bring the product over crushed waste, high energy consumption, high iron impurity content, particle size is unstable, complex operation and other issues, to achieve a crushed glass bead products, another major breakthrough Classification.

• Features functions

Main technical advantages
1. Professional simulation software and technologies to ensure full use of the jet and the crush strength can control technology, so as to effectively prevent over crushed;
2. high yield: The device currently on the market compared with conventional jet mill classifier, the yield increased by 8 to 15%;
3. Low energy consumption: small installed power, low energy consumption;
The product size and stability, simple operation: A special level control and material position online visualization technology, easy to operate, particle size and stability;
5. Product iron impurities increment is less than 200PPm, conventional jet mill classifier 1/3;
6. ground feeding, reduce the intensity of workers to operate;
7. good wear: elbow and other key parts and easy to wear at all for abrasion treatment, generally higher than domestic equipment life more than five times;
8. high collection efficiency: efficient collection systems, filtration velocity (1m / min, to ensure the collection efficiency of fines) 99.9%, to avoid small particles generated in production costs can not be recycled waste and environmental pollution.
9. The whole negative pressure operation, no dust pollution;

LNJP-120A-3 type flow chart:
• Applications application fields

Mainly used for reflective material (glass sand), which are required to produce a particular size segment materials; typical materials are: • glass beads • • graphite, silicon metal ......