Private jet mill diamond grader

Private jet mill diamond grader

Product description:

Diamond Private jet mill classifier jet mill is in the original basis of the grading machine, according to diamond with the physical properties and processing requirements (decrease over fines and improve yield), developed by a dedicated stream of pulverized grader.

• Features functions

• using our streaming Institute of Technology hydrodynamics simulation software developed calculates the most suitable flow field, breaking the particle acceleration technology, which greatly improves the grinding efficiency, reduce energy consumption, over crushed small;
• crushed material collide, small abrasion, no iron contamination of products, without the high cost of pickling process;
• No water, washed with water, completely dry production, once production is completed get better diamond powder particle size distribution;
• Our original external seal technology (patent), so narrow particle size distribution and no large particles;
• For particle morphology has a shaping function;

• Variable composite structure, compact structure, a multi-purpose machine. It can also be used alone as a classifier ;
• Reasonable design flow field and wear parts are made of wear-resistant treatment, greatly reducing the wear and tear of equipment, extend the service life.
• cutting mode uses the entire seal cutting, reducing losses and processing materials;
• Fully sealed vacuum operation, no dust pollution;
• Easy to operate, low noise (≤70dBA);?

• Applications application fields

• diamond and other superhard materials
Typical materials: diamond, cubic boron nitride.