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Manufacturers | Supply WY-PE | polyethylene hoses

Manufacturers | Supply WY-PE | polyethylene hoses
  • Manufacturers | Supply WY-PE | polyethylene hoses
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Nominal diameter: 18.5 (mm) Material: Polyethylene PE High temperature: 1.5
Uses: Machine electrical equipment manufacturing electrical control cabinet Wall thickness: 2.1 (mm) Length: 50 (m)

Wire and cable protection hose, can effectively prevent the influence of external factors such as oil, garbage, debris, water and mechanical forces on the wire and cable. Modified nylon hose has a surface gloss, high mechanical strength, oil, alkali, weak, tolerance friction, black hose UV resistant and other excellent features. polypropylene hose has good chemical resistance and high hardness, more suitable for chemical applications. Low polyethylene hose mechanical strength, but excellent bending performance, economy Prices already allows customers to bending flexible, general mechanical protection to give all ages. Opening cable protection hose has two kinds, one for the side cut open hose, one is a cross-sectional hose with 1 3/4 / 2 cross-section of the double tube hose assemblies hose opening biggest advantage: easy threading wider field of application of the former economy, low dust and oil capacity; the higher the latter wire protection, ease of maintenance, cost relatively.!. The biggest advantage of high aperture hoses: Replace the wire threading and convenience minimum dimensions:! * inside diameter of the outer diameter of -6.5 * 10.0mm materials are PE, PP, PA three kinds

JAFE-PE polyethylene hose
material Polyethylene PE
Colour Dark gray (RAL 7037) Black (RAL 9005)
temperature -50-80 ℃, short-term 100 ℃
Protection class IP68
characteristic Oil, soft, low hardness, surface gloss, free of halogen, phosphorus, cadmium, passed RoHS test
Applications Machinery, electrical equipment, electrical control cabinets, automation equipment, food, packaging and other machinery.
Model Gray Model Black * Outer diameter of the inner diameter (mm * mm) Static bending radius (mm) Dynamic bending radius (mm) Weight (kg / m) Packaging (m / volume)
JAFE-PE AD10.0G JAFE-PE AD10.0B 6.5*10.0 15 35 0.014 100
JAFE-PE AD13.0G JAFE-PE AD13.0B 10.0*13.0 20 45 0.023 100
JAFE-PE AD15.8G JAFE-PE AD15.8B 12.0*15.8 25 55 0.032 100
JAFE-PE AD18.5G JAFE-PE AD18.5B 14.3*18.5 35 65 0.036 50
JAFE-PE AD21.2G JAFE-PE AD21.2B 17.0*21.2 40 75 0.048 50
JAFE-PE AD28.5G JAFE-PE AD28.5B 23.0*28.5 45 100 0.066 50
JAFE-PE AD34.5G JAFE-PE AD34.5B 29.0*34.5 55 120 0.090 25
JAFE-PE AD42.5G JAFE-PE AD42.5B 36.0*42.5 65 150 0.136 25
JAFE-PE AD54.5G JAFE-PE AD54.5B 48.0*54.5 80 190 0.186 25