CARB toroidal roller bearings

CARB toroidal roller bearings

Product description:

CARB toroidal roller bearing is a completely new type of radial roller bearing. This compact self-aligning roller bearing was developed by SKF, available in 1995. The unique bearing design, a combination of spherical roller bearings self-aligning Heart capability and cylindrical roller bearings unrestricted axial displacement capability. It can also have a smaller cross-sectional area, and usually only have this feature needle bearings.

CARB bearings in terms of radial load wide range of applications. The bearings used exclusively as non-locating bearing, the effect is very good, because it combines the self-aligning capability and axial displacement capability, in order to save space, reduce weight and lower production the cost of opening up a new way. By deliberately produce relative axial displacement of the inner and outer rings, so accurately set bearing radial internal clearance as possible.

CARB bearing can use smaller and lighter structure to achieve the same or better performance, for example in a planetary gear box. They simplify the bearing arrangement larger temperature change on the major axis using CARB bearings have also been reduced vibration , for example in papermaking machinery and Ventilator.

CARB bearing is slightly crowned with a long single row of symmetrical roller bearings inner and outer rings of the bearing raceway showed a concave bearing center surround symmetrical distribution which can best be combined with inner and outer ring raceway characteristics conducive bearings load distribution, help to reduce friction.

CARB bearing roller has a self-guided, ie regardless of whether the inner ring relative to the outer ring axial displacement and / or misalignment, roller uniformly distributed load is always in a position in the roller length.

CARB bearing load capacity is extremely strong, even if you have to compensate for angular displacement or axial displacement as well. Thus, the bearing arrangement is very reliable in operation, life is also extended.

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