Linear Guides

Linear Guides

Product description:

Linear guide in order to avoid a complex structure, designed by minimizing the number of components to improve accuracy, and reduce costs. On the basis of the existing invention, the formation of a high-precision, low-priced products.

Features linear guide
Linear guide With a unique offset Gothic trench, they are able to slot design depending on purpose and use.
The ability to accurately test track, it is possible to stabilize the production of high precision linear guides and linear guide interchangeable.

Using these linear guide technology production has the following characteristics.
(1) the full range, to meet the requirements for a variety of purposes.
With a variety of products, due to the many forms and sizes slider series are standardized, they are able to meet a variety of requirements. And passed in special materials and surface treatment technology and accumulated rich experience, can be applied to a variety of the intended use.

(2) high-precision, high-quality
In the low-friction bearings, ball screw has been accumulated advanced production technology and testing technology, from the beginning to achieve a high-precision parts, high quality.

(3) high reliability and long life
Through simple and reasonable shape, and stable processing high accuracy, thus achieving high reliability.
By superb heat treatment processing technology, processing with ultra pure precision materials, so that the product can play excellent durability.

(4) through the development of interchangeable products, and the short-cycle delivery
By using easily detectable Gothic trench, and adopt superior quality management methods, the formation of the rail and the slider can be arbitrarily swap interchangeability of products. Because these products have some backup, it is possible to achieve short cycle post goods.

(5) has a high static load capacity (impact resistance)
By using gothic groove, even in the case of ultra-high load, the load can also be transferred to the non-contact surface. For this reason, greatly improve the impact resistance of the product itself.