Crossed Roller Bearings

Crossed Roller Bearings

Product description:

Cross roller bearings, can withstand the load from all directions ( such as axial, thrust or momentum load, etc.) due to the roller contact with the track surface to the status quo, therefore, subject to the possibility of bearing the load and the elastic deformation of the small.

This type bearings are widely used in such industrial automation robots, machine tools and medical facilities, etc., we need high rigidity, compact and high- speed still ensuring accurate the occasion

In cross roller bearings, cylindrical roller because at 90 ° to the rolling surface of the V-shaped groove is vertically aligned with each other by the spacing, so a cross-roller bearings can bear radial load, axial load and load moment load in all directions and so on .

The minimum size of inner and outer rings are miniaturized, especially thin type is close to the limit of small size, and has a high rigidity, so the most suitable for industrial use joints or rotating portion of the robot, the rotary table machining centers, use manipulator rotational portion, precision rotary tables, medical equipment, meters, IC manufacturing apparatus and the like.

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