Product description:

Product parameters:

With UHF500-980MHz band PLL frequency synthesizer PLL applications, frequency adjustable, can be used simultaneously more

Sets, undisturbed.
* Total control integrated central processor CPU, with the digital LCD screen display, easy operation, superior performance.
* Multi-level narrow-band high-frequency and IF frequency selective filtering, fully eliminate the interference signal.
* Expansion of audio compression technology, greatly reducing noise, dynamic range increased.
* Howling suppression transfusion has diminished function, can effectively reduce transfusion whistle.
* The receiver adopt multi-level high-frequency amplification, with high sensitivity.
* Multiple noise monitoring circuit, the ad hoc tone lock TONE-LOCKED system, so that it has unparalleled resistance to dry

Interference characteristics.
* Use excellent chips and quality components, so that the machine excellent sound quality.
* Kongkuo Maximum distance of 100 meters, 50 meters away from the ideal use of space.
Conference Microphone Transmitter
Operating frequency: 500-980MHz (adjustable)
Transmit power output: High power file 10dBm / low-power profile 5dBm
Pickup Gain adjustment knob: -20dB to + 35dB
Modulation: FM FM
Maximum modulation: ± 45KHz
High harmonics: more than 60dB below the main Porgy quasi
Battery: 2 AA batteries - can be used continuously for about 8 hours
Operating frequency: 500-980MHz (adjustable)
DC input voltage: DC13.8V 1000mA
S / N SNR:) 105dB
T.H.D Distortion: (0.5%
Frequency response: 40Hz-18KHz
Noise locked + pilot tone squelch control Lock squelch