Product description:

Product Features:

K4400 Wireless Conference System Function
1, the system supports up to 99 units, easy to use, and use the voice guidance or prompt the system work
State information.

2, with the chairman unit priority busy function, up to the number of speakers chairman unit 3 (1-3 optional)
Representative unit FIFO function, maximum number of speakers 99 (1-99 Optional)

3, support for up to 10 hours of continuous speaking time and 18 hours standby time.

4, to meet the large meeting places, from 50 to 100 m radius of the effective working distance (the venue environment).

5, the conference unit has a battery charge display: The battery standby conference unit low power shortage state.
Low Battery data quickly to the host system to prompt the conference management personnel to replace the new battery.
Speaking in conference unit's battery data in real time sent to the system host.

Technical Parameters:

System Host
1, the central computer system host processor from the CPU to automate management meeting.
2, the system has three conference host radio channels, each shared 32 channels
3. You can set different channels do not worry dry use, to ensure the system is not a high-frequency wireless Dry worry.
4, statement of unit identity code ID and battery level information at a glance on the system host display.
To facilitate meeting management.
5, can be installed in a standard 19-inch cabinet.

Conference host unit
1, conference chairman unit microphone Optional 1-3, representing units optional 1-99.
2, large LCD display with identity code ID, UHF high-frequency signal (RF),
Audio signal intensity (AF), channels (CH), frequency (MHZ), the battery power, the microphone on / off status indication.
3, digitized voice playback conference operating guidelines.
4, speaking unit (MIC ON state) in the absence of any sound picked up (speech sound), the timer reaches a predetermined
Time (5101520 seconds can be set) Auto quit speaking state (STOP) enters the standby state.
5, Battery: 4 AA1.5V high energy alkaline batteries.