Switching Power Amplifier | Dual | KM Series

Switching Power Amplifier | Dual | KM Series

Product description:

KM Series:

1U Digital Amplifier


  • intelligent signal limiter
    volume fades out of control
    efficient improvement of class H amplifier circuit
    multiplex detection of multiple protection function
    encryption intelligent driving module, 100KHz, high-frequency and
    high rate switching power supply mode
    all adopt the international brand of high frequency ripple and low impedance
    electrolysis, Greatly enhance the quality and low intensity of sinking depth.

  • Intelligent signal limiter
    Volume Fade Control
    Improved efficiency Class H amplifier
    Multiple detect multiple protection features
    Cryptographic smart drive module, 100KHz, high-frequency switching power supply high-speed mode
    All international brand of high-frequency low -impedance electrolytic high ripple, greatly enhance the sound quality and low- intensity sinking depth