Product description:

Product Features:

With automatic search button undisturbed channels, just one click.
The receiver then immediately and automatically scan preset of 100 non-interfering frequencies.
And lock the work channel without interference.
The world's first (ACT) automatic channel lockup key, just one click.
You can make the transmitter auto lock the work channel of receiver.
No error and failure.
The receiver function pilot refused to open the machine squelch external signals.
More effective anti-jamming
LCD, it can show RF / AF and automatic selection information signal strength.
Transmitter battery capacity can be used simultaneously 100, without disturbing each other.
KTV rooms more suitable for a variety of projects

Technical Parameters:

Band: UHF600-850MHz
Total Channel: 100
Work mode: PLL phase-locked loop
Dynamic Range:) 110dB
Distortion: (0.5%
Frequency response: 80Hz-16KHz
SNR:) 90dB
Effective use of distance:) 60M
Power supply: DC142-13.5V 1000mA
Audio output interface: 1 * 6.3mm mixed output & 2 * XLR
Balanced output

Transmitter power: 10mw or 5mw
Work mode: PLL phase-locked loop
Battery type: 2 * AA
Mirroring reaction:) 50dB