Authentic | Panasonic 12V17AH | UPS maintenance-free batteries dedicated | Panasonic LC-PD1217ST replacement

Authentic | Panasonic 12V17AH | UPS maintenance-free batteries dedicated | Panasonic LC-PD1217ST replacement

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  • Condition: New
  • Brand: Panasonic / Matsushita

Commodity printing (including circulation mark) may make changes in the case of prior notice. (Note: This non-electric car battery!!)

Shenyang Matsushita Battery Co., Ltd. (Referred PSBS) Matsushita Group is the only medium and small VRLA battery production base. Founded in October 18, 1994 by Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. and Shenyang Northeast Battery Co., Ltd. (formerly Shenyang battery factory) the joint venture company Panasonic introduced a comprehensive advanced technology, equipment and testing systems, offers 40 kinds of specifications around the world, 'Panasonic' brand medium and small sealed lead-acid batteries, mainly used in UPS power supply, emergency lights, electric art tools, electric bicycles and finance, communication systems, etc. in which the battery back-up power due to product consistency, high energy density, long life, safe and reliable without leakage and other characteristics have been widely recognized.

1Good safety performance :No electrolyte leakage under normal use ,No cell expansion and rupture.
2Good discharge performance :Stable discharge voltage ,Discharge platform gently.
3, Good resistance to shock :A fully charged battery completely fixed ,With 4mm Amplitude , 16.7Hz Frequency vibrations 1hour ,No leakage ,No cell expansion and rupture ,Open circuit voltage is normal.
4, Good impact resistance :From fully charged battery 20cm Height naturally fall to 1cm Thick hardwood board 3Times no leakage ,No cell expansion and rupture ,Open circuit voltage is normal.
5Resistance to over-discharge :25Celsius ,The battery is fully charged state constant resistance discharge 3week (Resistance value is equivalent to the battery 1CA Resistance of the discharge requirements ),Recovery capacity 75%the above.
6, Good resistance to overcharge :25Celsius ,Fully charged battery 0.1CA Charging 48hour ,No leakage ,No cell expansion and rupture ,Open circuit voltage is normal ,Capacity retention rate 95%the above.
7, Good resistance to high current :Fully charged battery 2CA Discharge 5Minutes or 10CA Discharge 5Seconds. No conductive part of the fuse ,Without the appearance of deformation.

LC-P series ---Reserve float using Long Life
Uses: large, medium and small ups , Communications, medical equipment, security systems, etc.

Features: float expected lifetime 6year ( 25)/10year (20); Higher specific energy;
Using high-quality fire-retardant material ABS Tank shell, in line with UL94V-0Standards, lower housing combustion possible;
Quality grid alloy, unique production process, reinforcing grid corrosion resistance to extend the life of the product.

'Coexistence with the global environment ' Yes Panasonic Ideal Group, environmental, Panasoonic Strengthen and accelerate all aspects of environmental management activities since 2007 to promote the "China Green Plan ', and strive to become China's environmental contribution to enterprise, and strive for China's environment from the government to contribute.
2009On May 19 Panasonic Group held "Panasonic China Environmental Forum 2009 'in Beijing, which will serve as an opportunity to initiate new environmental contribution activities, carry out' environmental education for children 'and' tree planting 'in all business areas.
'Environmental education for children 'activities is the use of 10 years to 100 million people in the implementation of environmental education, primary purpose is environmental enlightenment through education, training the next generation of Chinese children's awareness of environmental protection.
'Tree planting activity 'in 10 years time, the organization employees planting 1 million objective is to support low-carbon economy, cut area business premises C O 2, the protected area of ​​the natural environment.
By conducting the above activities and contribute to China's environmental protection, and promote the harmonious development of society, and in order to continue to fulfill corporate social responsibility.

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  • Do not short-circuit the battery positive and negative terminals, such as short circuit, battery leakage occur, the risk of fire.
  • When the battery into the machine, do not use the machine sealing structure, such as the use of sealed structure, damage to the machine and the risk of personal injury.
  • Battery temperature range below, such as the use of outside of this temperature range can cause the battery performance, reduced life, damage and deformation. Discharge -15℃ -50 ℃, charging 0 ℃ -40 ℃, storage -15 ℃ -40 ℃
  • Do not use insulated wire containing a plasticizer. Also, please do not use bananas, water, gasoline, naphtha, oil, grease and other organic Solvent and cleaning agent such as the use of these substances contact the battery case, the use of the pool shell cracking or cracking, cause battery leakage, fire and so on.
  • Used batteries should be recycled, please do not discard. Please contact the shelter company or service company.
  • Sulfuric acid to maintain the internal battery. Batteries leaking liquid touches the skin and clothes with plenty of water.
  • Do not disassemble or modify the battery and destruction.
  • Please replace the battery according to the instruction manual or machine replacement period stated.