Wireless microphone | Dual K300

Wireless microphone | Dual K300

Product description:

Technical Parameters:

Carrier frequency range: UHF 690 ~ 870MHz
Oscillation mode: quartz crystal oscillator
Stability: ten millionths
Sensitivity: 2uV @ sinad = 12 dB
Maximum Deviation: 50KHz
SNR:) 105dB
Distortion: (0.5% @ 1KHz
Mirror interference: greater than 85 dB (typical)
Adjacent channel interference: greater than 75 dB (typical)
Frequency range: 40Hz ~ 16KHz
Squelch Control: Multiple squelch
The use of distance:) 200 m
Maximum output level: balanced output: 0-400mv, unbalanced output: 0-200mv.
Power supply: external DC power supply, 0.4A, 12 ~ 15V DC
Dimensions (mm): 480 (L) * 45 (H) * 190 (D)
Weight (kg): 2.5
Transmit power: (30mW
Harmonic power: (40dB (main wave)
Battery voltage: 1.5v * 2
Battery life:) 10 hours

Product Features:

K300 wireless microphone system is a professional stage for concerts, lectures, meetings, clubs and other uses.
Used by many industry-leading technologies in one, it has the following advantages:
1. The true diversity design. This machine is true diversity design, built four reception circuit, any one microphone
Has two receiving circuit simultaneously receives, CPU by comparing the signal to ensure that all the time
Is the best way to select as an output signal, the distance of the machine can be used in
No dead spots, and makes use of distance of the machine more than the average wireless microphone on a four to five times the distance.
2, double CPU control, this system with two built-in circuit control CPU, CPU time on the RF signal strength.
AF signal strength, noise and other signal scanning detection comparator, and gain control, can effectively avoid noise interference.
3, LCD display: high brightness LCD display about working conditions received, the LCD main display:
RF signal strength, AF signal strength, frequency, battery strength, antenna, mute, etc., through which a user can be displayed.
Work state to understand the system, targeted control.
4, high-grade paint process: The receiver uses the industry's new high-end waterlines paint, high temperature baking, the surface showing beautiful
Ripples water lines, the results are not the same at any angle, and its very high hardness, scratch resistance force and anti-trap 10 times more common paint.
5, beautiful acoustic interpretation: UHF system circuit uses sophisticated technology, SMT chip technology, imported components.
So that the microphone sound beautiful, deep and powerful bass, treble clear and clean, large dynamic range, signal to noise ratio is extremely high.
Applicable in most concert occasions.