Wireless microphone | show EW100 G3

Wireless microphone | show EW100 G3

Product description:

Versatile: Whether it is music or speech, you can rely on an excellent performance EW100 G3 wireless system you can now handheld wireless microphone within the battery pack without having to remove the direct charging just press sync button click, transmitters and. The receiver can be the same frequency. There graphical display with backlight on pure diversity receiver, make reading the screen in a variety of lighting conditions are easier.


Sturdy metal housing
42 MHz switching bandwidth, 1680 tunable UHF frequencies for interference-free reception
Enhanced frequency bank system with up to 12 compatible frequencies
High-quality true diversity reception technology
Pilot tone squelch RF interference can be removed when the transmitter is turned off
Automatic frequency scanning feature can automatically search available frequencies
Enhanced audio frequency range
Using infrared interface and a wireless transmitter with frequency
With more controllable user friendly menu options Operation
Illuminated graphic display
Avoids accidental changing of settings automatic locking function
HDX noise for crystal-clear sound
Receiver with four stages of transmitter battery status display
Handheld wireless microphone with evolution series easily interchangeable microphone heads
Integrated frequency equalizer, sound check mode
Suitable for different needs extensive system accessories

Technical Specifications

Radio frequency range 516..... 865 MHz
Transmission / reception frequency number 1680
Preset number of sets 12
Switching bandwidth 42 MHz
Peak frequency deviation + / - 48 kHz
HDX noise reducer
Frequency response (microphone) 80..... 18000 Hz
SNR) 110 dB (A)
THD, total harmonic distortion (09%
Compliant ETS 300422, ETS 300445, CE, FCC
Antenna interface 2 BNC, 50 Ohm
Audio-XLR Interface 63 mm
Audio output level (balanced) XLR: +18 dBu max
Audio output level (unbalanced) Jack: +10 dBu max
Dimensions (receiver) 212 x 202 x 43 mm
Weight (Receiver) 900 g
RF output power of 30 mW Wireless
Working length (transmitter)) 8 h
Dimensions (Transmitter) d = 50 mm, l = 265 mm
Weight (Transmitter) 450 g
Transducer principle / dynamic microphone type
Audio sensitivity
21 mV / Pa
Sound pressure level (SPL) 154 dB (SPL) max.
It features heart-shaped pickup