Wireless Microphone KTV Two Channels K600

Wireless Microphone KTV Two Channels K600

Product description:

Product Features:

Diversity receiver for optimum reception. Using infrared interface wireless transmitter synchronization combination equalizer.
HDX compression expander to make crystal clear sound even more thorough. Adjustable enhance wireless reception. Lockable control buttons.
Unique intelligent ID identification technology, distribution using multiple sets simultaneously.

With balanced and unbalanced audio outputs for easy connection and various audio equipment.
The transmitter uses two 1.5V batteries, long battery life, easier to maintain.
Transmitter using 60MHz bandwidth, facilitate the exchange of frequency bands, especially in the KTV.
Transmitter using high-strength alloy material, durable.
Preset 100 non-interfering channels combined fast settings window.
Easy to read illuminated LCD.
Suitable for 19 'rack-mount (1U).

Technical Parameters:

System features
Frequency Response: 80Hz-18000KHz
S / NRatio (1mv, peak): ≥110dBA
Total harmonic distortion: ≤0.9
Modulation: wideband FM
Receiving frequency range: 723-753MHz, 753-783MHz
805-834MHz, 834-863 MHz
Receiving frequency: 25KHz Receiving frequency range can be tuned in steps.
Preset 100 channel combinations total 200 channels
Nominal deviation / peak deviation: ± 24KHz / 48KHz
The receiver works: twice the intermediate frequency, automatic selection information
Sensitivity (using HDX, peak deviation): (2.5V (for 52dB AeffS / N)
Adjacent Channel selection: 65dB typ.
Intermodulation damping Typ: 65dB
Noise Filter: ≥70dB
Operating temperature range: -10 ℃ to + 55 ℃
Power supply: 12V
Current consumption: 300mA
Size: about 486 * 172 * 44mm
Weight: about 1800g