Sound Console 48V phantom power MFX12-2

Sound Console 48V phantom power MFX12-2

Product description:

product description

Built Lescan (Lexicon) 24bit effects √
Precision GB30 mic preamp √
To provide real professional + 48V phantom power for condenser microphones √
Two group busses √
√ stereo mix output
Mixer input channel specification 12/20
All AUX send switch to pre-fader or post-fader 2
FX Send 1
Built-in universal power supply √
Optional rack mount kit may √
MFX has more input channels, additional AUX input and two output bus group. If you need greater flexibility of use, should be used MFX mixer.
MFX mixer is a live sound system equipment products, including fixed installation systems, mobile PA systems, church and music playback system. It is a compact device ideal.
12 Road and 20 Road MFX-channel input mixer has been authorized loaded with 32 reverb, delay, chorus and other effects processing 24bit effect. With three alternative MFX AUX auxiliary internal FX send send with to prefer to use external effects tuner.
MFX mixer includes two stereo input channels, dual sound track recording interface and dual sound track recording playback output port. In this way, play CD, MP3 or other music program source easy to intermission.
To increase the use of functional, MFX mixer Taichung each module has two sub-grouping output and a stereo mix output, allowing grouping channel control easier to manage. MFX 2 auxiliary buses also can be used as effect send or provide foldback monitor mix sound.
The famous GB30 mic preamp and for condenser microphones to provide + 48V phantom power is professional sound quality assurance system. Built-in universal power supply replaced with an external power supply.

MFX single channel input, stereo input and a main control section
Single-channel input component
Mic (Mic Input)
A XLR (female) connector for balanced or unbalanced connections microphone signal.-127dB equivalent input noise (EIN) of the GB30 mic preamp has the lowest noise, clear and bright sound and excellent signal overload characteristics.
Line input (Line Input)
A balanced connection 1/4 "jack socket, connect balanced or unbalanced output of electronic musical instruments, such as keyboards.
Insert (Insert) port
For inserting additional compression or EQ and other signal processors, if desired, also be used for multi-track tape recorder.
Gain (Gain)
Each input channel has a gain control knob input signal gain adjustment range is + 5 ~ + 60dB (Line input has a 20dB attenuator)
EQ EQ frequency characteristics
The HF frequency characteristics into a balanced, MF MF and LF low frequency high-frequency control three-stage HF frequencies above 12KHz, providing 15dB of boost or attenuation (gain adjustment);. MF IF can sweep control 150Hz-3.5KHz range bandpass the center frequency of the filter, providing 15dB of boost or attenuation; band-pass filter Q value 1.5; LF low frequency control frequencies below 80Hz or less, provide or enhance ± 15dB attenuation.
Auxiliary input (Auxiliaty)
When live live mixer, 2 (MFX) AUX auxiliary input for sending separate monitor mixes or external effects send. In the master assembly, each AUX bus has its own master output level adjustment, AFL (post-fader listen) switch, and all can be switched to pre-fader or post-fader (AUX3 is in post-fader)
FX Send
It sends a signal to the built-in 24bit lexical effects.
Pan, Muting, PFL and Routing
Pan to control the stereo image of each channel signal to the corresponding position. When mute switch (Mute) completely cut off the channel's signal, Mute indicator lights. PFL key is used to monitor individual signals either single-channel output signal Route (Route) to the main mix output, you can also go to the subgroup (Sub Groups) output via the Mix / Grp switch routes.
Faders and peak level LED indicators (Faders and Metering)
Each channel has a smooth stroke 60mm fader (attenuator), LED peak level indicator, indicating the signal level does not exceed + 17dBu.

Stereo input channel assembly
Input Connector (Input Connector)
Stereo signal, in order to convey the best features of other professional audio equipment stereo signal via 1/4 "jack socket balanced input connection.

EQ EQ frequency characteristics
There are three fixed slope characteristic of the filter control knob .HF 8KHz control high frequency in the range of ± 15dB; MF MF at 720Hz control range is ± 15dB; LF low frequency in the range of 60Hz control ± 15dB.

AUX auxiliary transmission section (Auxiliary Section)
There are two stereo input channels (MFX) AUX auxiliary sends. Press the main control unit selected for the monitor mix or for effects processing, you can switch to pre-fader or post-fader send.

FX Send
Signal is sent to the built-in 24bit lexical effects
Bal, Muting, PFL and Ruting
Balance balance control to regulate the amount of signal sent to the left and right channels .Mute bus operation keys mute and PFL single-channel input assembly, for closing or only listen to the stereo channels. Press FPFL key, fader signal to the headphones, control room sound system output and output level meter indication, stereo input channels can be routed to the stand mixer output, but also to the subgroup outputs via the Mix / Grp (mix / group) switch routes.
Faders and peak level LED indicators (Faders a