World Travel Adapter USB Universal Plug Charger

World Travel Adapter USB Universal Plug Charger

Product description:


This universal adaptor is a compact design, all-in-one, one piece unit with built-in 4 kinds of international plugs & outlets, and with two USB charge ports; it has power indicator.

This item fits for the USA/ UK/ Europe/ Australia standard plugs, almost 150 countries in the world.

The USB charge part can be separated from the socket part.

Technical Parameters:

Rated Voltage: 110-250 (V)

Case material: PC, flammability 94V-0

Conductor material: Copper

Rated Current: 6 (A)

Rated Power: 1100W

Socket part: 6A 110V-250VAC

USB output:

While using one USB charge port: Max 1000mA 5V DC

While using two USB charge ports: Max 500mA 5V DC

Certification: CE, RoHS


  1. Make sure your hands are dry before using this adaptor.

  2. Keep it away from children.

  3. The socket part of this adaptor has no function of converting voltage; Only the USB charge part's output is converted into 5V; In order to avoid possible damage to your devices, please make sure the power outlet you will use has the proper voltage to run your devices before using.

  4. Please use only one plug each time. (you can use two USB charge ports simutaneously)

  5. Don't connect more than one plug simultaneously, while using this product.