Optical Coaxial Dolby AC3 DTS To 5.1 Analog Audio Gear RCA Sound Decoder AC112

Optical Coaxial Dolby AC3 DTS To 5.1 Analog Audio Gear RCA Sound Decoder AC112

Product description:

The DTS/ AC-3 audio decoder is to convert the optical, coaxial (LPCM included) , or digital audio signal from computer, PC sound card, PS3, XBOX360, Blue-ray, DVD players, HD set-top boxes, HD players into 5.1 analog signal. It can decode Dolby AC3/ DTS audio and output 5.1 analog audio at the same time. So it is widely used in schools, squares, concert halls, cinemas and other public places to enjoy the effect of DTS and Dolby.

• Input: 2 x SPDIF Optical Input, 1 x Coaxial input, 1 x Stereo Audio

• Output: 1 x CEN/ SW, 1 x FL/ FR, 1 x SL/ SR, 1 x USB-5V OUT.

• Transfer the DTS/ AC-3 digital signal into 5.1 analog output (FL/ FR if 2.1) .

• Transfer the stereo (R/ L) audio signal data into 5.1 analog output.

• Two SPDIF input, one coaxial input, one sterero input supplying perfect solution for your HDTV player, XBOX360 etc.

• One button to switch mode, simple to operate.

• Auto detect AC3,DTS,PCM digital audio signal.

• Decode format: Dolby Digital EX,DTS-ES,Dolby Pro Logic II,DTS,AC3, Dolby Digital.

• S/ N: 120db

• stereo separate degree: 80db (1KHZ)

• Noise output frequency: 200uV

• Simulate output frequency: 2.2V

• Working temperature: -40~80

• Working Huminity: 5~90%RH

• Demension: 105*75*25mm

Interface Introduction:

• A. Optical input interface (OPT1 & OPT2) : XBOX360, PS3, STB, DVD player, Blue-ray DVD players, HD player

• B. Coaxial input interface (COX) : can be connected to computer PC sound card or notebook coaxial output, high-definition players, set-top boxes, DVD player, etc.

• C. AUX Input Interface (AUX) : Connect to any group of LPCM stereo signals (such as computer audio, MP3 / 4 player audio)

• D. Three output channels (CEN/ SW FL/ FR SL/ SR) : connect to home theater or a 5.1-channel power amplifier ( (FL/ FR if 2.1 channel)

• E. USB output95V-OUT) : Supply 5V power to 5.1 Channel Headphone.

Package Includes:

• 1x 5.1 AUDIO GEAR Decoder

• 1x High Quality Optical Fiber Cable

• 1x 100-240V input/ 9V output Power adapter (EU Plug)

• 1x User manual

• 3x RCA adapter (easy connect to your amplifier)