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Haha beans | soft shell iphone6 ​​diamond 6S diamond mobile phone shell set over the drill Apple 6Plus with a drill phone shell

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Product parameters:

  • Protective cover texture: plastic
  • Style: protective shell
  • Size Notes' Princess' Size Note 'Golden Lily' Size Comment 'Lotus' Size Remark' 水墨 花 'Measurements Remarks' 婚纱' 尺寸 Remark 花花 '' 花 '' 尺寸 Remark 蝴 嫁 ' Size Remark 'Ring' Size Remark 'Rabbit' Size Remark 'Black Angel' Size Remark 'Lotus Lotus' Size Remark' Please contact customer with different sizes or take a message Thank you
  • Style: cartoon
  • For mobile phone models: Apple / Apple
  • Model: iphone6 ​​/ 6Splus
  • Brand: Haha beans
  • Model: iphone6 ​​/ 6S iphone6 ​​plus

This phone shell contains Apple 5 / 5S, 6 / 6S, 6P / 6SP, 7 / 7P and other models