CB-150D Hydraulic Busbar Bender

CB-150D Hydraulic Busbar Bender

Product description:

Hydraulic Busbar Bending Tools CB-150D is a remote control tools, works with an external hydraulic pump. It is intended to be used to bend Cu/ Al busbar at different angle. With the help of hydraulic power and special bending die, bending can be completed quickly and easily, without bending surface damage.


  • Application: Bending Cu/ Al busbar
  • Output: 15T
  • Bending Capacity: 120mm*10mm (Width*Thickness) Max. 90° (Angle)
  • Package: Steel Case
  • Weight: 17.5kg
  • Size: 380*270*150mm


  • Remote Control Style: External hydraulic pump is required (capable of providing 700Bar working pressure) .
  • Bending Body can be opened: For easy cable inserting and removal
  • Special bending die and sufficient working force: For easy and quick bending. Bending surface is smooth, without damage
  • Bend busbar at different angle (Max. 90°)