CO-630A Hydraulic compression tools

CO-630A Hydraulic compression tools

Product description:

Name: CO-630A Split hydraulic crimping machine.
• Use: This product is a recently developed efficient practical hydraulic crimping tool. It uses the hydraulic power to promoteincreased lower mold, when the upper and lower mold contact, crimp completed. Copper and aluminum terminals, line the nose, clamp, overhead resistance Zhang casing, as well as underground cable crimp for transmission and distribution of indoor and outdoor projects.
• Features: 1. Maximum casing diameter Φ43mm, crimp wide, the number of small elongation can be controlled to reduce the deformation. 2 single-acting hydraulic power, easy to apply. 3 bolt connection can be quickly removed, Die positioning easier.
• with hydraulic pump: with single-acting hydraulic electric pump or manual hydraulic pump.
• Packing: wooden box
• Technical parameters:
Output (T) : 35T
Crimping capacity (mm2) : 150-630
Piston stroke (mm) : 25
Size (mm) : 360X160X110
Weight (kg) : 16.5
Standard mold: 150185240300400500630 mm2.

CO-630A is a heavy-duty hydraulic crimping tool. Designed to crimp large size cable connectors (Lugs Splices etc.) onto cable, can be widely used for cable connection job in electric transmission and distribution project. With 7 sets standard crimping dies, CO-630A crimping capacity is from 150mm2 and 630mm2. As a remote control tool, an external hydraulic pump is also required to work with CO-630A, provide hydraulic pressure.


  • Output: 35T
  • Ram Stroke: 25mm
  • Crimping Capacity: 150-630mm2
  • Standard Dies: 7 sets (150 / 185 / 240 / 300 / 400 / 500 / 630mm2)
  • External Hydraulic Pump: Capable of providing 700Bar working pressure