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Upgrade the new Yunguang 168 electric binding machine | automatic belt line financial certificate drilling machine certificate line installed

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Product parameters:

  • Binding machine brand: cloud wide
  • Model: YG-168-JS

Dear! A hook drill is supplied with the machine A twist drill A pair of carbon brushes a key will be placed in the tool box ! ! !

The new Yun-Guang 168 binding machine, with punching threading function, the need for human-machine with the correct use, please carefully look at the baby description, the right choice.

important hint! Due to the current courier and logistics transport will be a series of problems (each shipment when we are carefully checked and then add paper packaging) I hope customers in the sign process, detailed inspection of the product packaging. And the appearance of the machine for damage, If you do not check the direct receipt, resulting in the machine is not working to replace the machine, the resulting freight and all related costs Will be borne by the customer. If the road is far from customers do not worry to buy, you can choose wooden packaging, wooden box packaging to charge Oh .

168 Replace part video Http: // baiduku6com / watch / 03911092178779431894html? Page = videoMultiNeed

168 Threading operation Video Http: // vyoukucom / v_show / id_XNDEzNTk3ODY0html

Document envelope angle: &

Certificate cover: &

Certificate thread group: &

Binding machine drill bit: &

Binding crochet:

Sack needle: &

Binding machine key: &