CH-80A Hydaulic hole puncher

CH-80A Hydaulic hole puncher

Product description:

CH-80A Hydaulic hole puncher

Technical Parameter:

Punching force 50T
Max thickness 16mm of steel sheet/ 18mm of copper sheet
Depth of throat 115mm
Max Diameter 25mm
Package wooden case

16mm, 18mm, 22mm, 25mm

Related pump: Hydraulic electric pump with electromagnet. ZCB-700AB


1 Hydraulic punch tool is designed for punching holes on Cu/ AI bus bar

2 Punching the different kind metal sheet up to 18mm

3 This type of hydraulic punch tool is assembled with ZCB-700AB electric pump with electricmagnet valve.

4. This hydraulic punch is easy to move in different angle. There is vertical and level moving system.

5This hydraulic punch is also assembled with hand truck. it is easy to carry with.