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Weifeng 3110A for Sony A6000 A5100 A6300 A7R RX100 Micro single camera tripod

Weifeng 3110A for Sony A6000 A5100 A6300 A7R RX100 Micro single camera tripod
Product code: 23713000030
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Product parameters:

  • Product Name: WF / Weifeng WT-3110A
  • PTZ type: three-dimensional head
  • Material: aluminum alloy
  • Product Type: Tripod + PTZ Set
  • Brand: WF / Weifeng
  • According to Wei Feng model selection: WT-3110A
  • Tripod section: 4 knots
  • Color classification: white 3110 + phone clip + remote control
  • Storage height: 345mm
  • Load: 1.5kg
  • Weight: 0.34KG

Self-timer dedicated - mobile phone Bluetooth remote control! If necessary, please take the direct classification of Bluetooth remote control!

Remote control distance of 10 meters, Bluetooth 3.0 version, for iphone ipad and Andrews 4.0 or more mobile phone.

Color: black, red, blue, pink, etc., the Treasury random delivery, does not support color selection and remarks, please understand!

IOS system Andrews system common, Applicable to Samsung, Apple, small Meters, htc, Huawei, ZTE, cool and other mobile phones. No need to install anything Software, Bluetooth connection, open the phone camera to take pictures, self-timer does not seek people (Beauty phone, Mito phone does not apply, Please do not shoot)

Tips: IPHONE / Samsung / HTC / Sony / Nokia / millet / Huawei / Meizu, etc. (Most of the above brand mobile phone applies, but does not guarantee that each model can be used, because the phone brand and model is too much, we can not all mobile phone Test, because the phone does not support the return shipping back and forth by the pro, if not accept this condition, please do not shoot, thank you cooperation.

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A: Weifeng manufacturers authorized activities price, 包邮.

Q: Is quality guaranteed?

A: manufacturers authorized, please pro are assured to buy.

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