Casio FC-100V Finance Student Exam Calculator Financial Accounting Financial Computer

Casio FC-100V Finance Student Exam Calculator Financial Accounting Financial Computer

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: Casio / Casio
  • Casio Model: FC-100V
  • Color classification: 100V calculator + high quality leather pen + gel pen + screwdriver + spare battery
  • Type: multifunctional financial management type
  • Applicable scenes: business gifts
  • According to the relationship gifts: customers
  • Screen material: LED
  • The maximum number of digits displayed on the screen: 10 digits
  • Adapter battery type: 7 alkaline batteries


Investment evaluation: net present value method, internal rate of return method, recovery period method;

Calculation of Interest Rates, Cost Calculations, Statistical Calculators, Loan Calculations, Compounding (Compound & Periodic), Accumulated Deposits Calculations

FC-200V increased functionality

Profit and loss analysis: profit and loss divergence point calculation, safety margin, operating leverage coefficient, financial leverage coefficient, comprehensive leverage coefficient

Fixed depreciation: straight - line method, the rate of law, the sum of the number of years, declining balance method; Bond calculationIf you need 200V, please contact customer service)

Now you can enjoy the purchase of ten heavy ceremony

1. gift personalized neutral pen

2. Presented original custom leather

3. Presentation and disassembly screwdriver

4. Give away spare battery

5. Present a full set of CFA materials

6. AFP full set of information presented

7. Donate seven financial e-books

8. Give a full set of learning electronic accounting information

9. Post-sale package of church services

10. National 包邮

A three-step process to reduce the read-read error, improve the computational efficiency

two, Four lines of display, easy to modify the data verification

Third, the shortcut keys, easy to call at any time

Fourth, the application of the crowd

Fives, Supporting books