mannual press fitting tool for connecting pipe&fittings

mannual press fitting tool for connecting pipe&fittings

Product description:

Mannual Pressing Tool for crimping press pipe and fittings:

Suitable for the joint between PEX pipe or PB pipe and brass fittings with stainless steel sleeve

blf-1632 manual hand press tools for clamping compression fitting and pipes

Material: Metal

Color: optional

Size: 1216162020252632

Application: Used for crimping pipe and fittings

Supply ability: 20000 Sets/ Month


1. Compact tool, especially suitable for norraw working occasions

2. Light and durable design, easier to use than the traditional tools

3. The handle can be elongated to save energy

4. The pressing head can be roated 360 degree, suitable for crimping different angles, thus providing satisfying applications

5. The crimping head nuts can be easily installed

6. The moment is lengthened, making it labor-saving

7. More than 4 models of pipe fitting crimping tool for your different choice

8. Types U, TH, SV is available

9. Relatively light weight, convenient to handle

10. Top quality and competitive price

11. Good after-sale service

12. Only one tool is ok for all sizes, no special tool is needed, thus convenient to use


Mechanical crimping tool for connecting fitting with pipe.

The handle can be elongated with energy-efficient drive.

Telescopic handle

Crimping type: TH, SV, U

Mechanical crimping tool for system conform pressing of fittings up to 32mm

Technical Data

Crimping force







Plastic box

Accessories Choice

Crimping die for SV type


Crimping die for U type


Crimping die for TH type


Note: The accessories type used at optional