Plastic pipe fitting sleeve pressing tool

Plastic pipe fitting sleeve pressing tool

Product description:

Plastic pipe fitting sleeve pressing tool

As a tools manufacturer, we produce tools for crimping PEX al pipe, UPVC, ASTM, PPDH pipe, plastic aluminum pipe, copper tube, stainless steel compression fittings connectors.
Qualified for heat systems, water pipe, gas pipe, chemical pipe installation and industry tubing systems, it is popular with plumber and contractors and feedback good.

Crimping tools for U type pipe and fittings:
Till now, we offer hydraulic type and mechanical type crimper.
such as JLD-1632, YQ-1632, JLD-1625, JLD-1625A, JLD-1632A, YA-1632A.
Most of U profile pipe crimping tools use for 16mm, 20mm, 25mm, 32mm sizes.
Bigger sizes and other dimensions, just contact us for customized ok.

One crimper tool can finish work by different sizes, no need to change the crimper, only change the tool head crimping dies is ok.

While TH type pipe and fittings clamping tools, also called TH profile pipe and fittings crimping tools, standard for crimping 16mm, 20mm, 26mm, 32mm sizes. For this crimping, we also have hydraulic type and mechanical type crimping tool.

Just like our above tools, no need to change the tool, only change the right sizes dies is qualified for finishing plumbing and tubing work. This series pipe clamping tools is popular for Russian markets.

PEX crimper for crimping pipe for America and Canada market:
PEX crimp rings clamping tool and crimping tool, Such as CW-1824, FT-24, FT-18, WM-1821, WM-1818.
Most of the pipe and fittings sizes are measure by inch, such as 3/8', 1/41/2', 3/45/81', like that.

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