Plastic pipe fitting sleeve press tool

Plastic pipe fitting sleeve press tool

Product description:

Product name: Plastic pipe fitting sleeve press tool

Item: JLD-1632S


Qualified for crimping water pipe, gas pipe, heat system tubing installation, tubing, crimping and clamping.
As a professional tools maker, we manufacture and supply hydraulic manual pipe crimper crimping tool, and mechanical manual hand pressing tool.
Popular in UK, France, Spain, Portugal, Finland, Estina, Norway, Poland, Germany, Turkey, Iran and Italy.
Our hot sell pipe crimper is one of the best plastic pipe and pressing fitting crimping tool.
Hot Items:

  1. blf-1632, mechanical manual hand pressing tool, for crimping U profile pipe with fittings sleeves 16mm, 20, 25, 32mm.
  2. blf-1632, front-open tool head, mechanical pipe crimper tool, for U type fitting and pipe connecting 16mm, 20, 25, 32mm.
  3. YQ-1632, hydraulic pipe crimper, crimping tool qualified for both U profile and TH and SV type pipe and fittings, 15/16, 20, 25/26, 32mm sizes.
  1. blf-1625, manual pressing pipe tool, for 16mm, 20, 25mm sizes.

Also we offer some other items for pipe and fitting installation, such as pipe bender, pipe expander, cutter and wedge spreader, testing pump, please email us or check at our products catalogue.