HT-1632c Pipe fitting hydraulic Crimping Tool

HT-1632c Pipe fitting hydraulic Crimping Tool

Product description:

HT-1632c Pipe fitting hydraulic Crimping Tool.

A hydraulic installation tool comprises a fixed jaw, a movable, and a plurality of independent hydraulic cylinders each comprising a piston. High quality hydraulic fitting tool for press fitting

Product Description:

1. Using hydraulic power, operate more effort.
2. Can be transposed mold, the same tools can be press-fit into ¢ 12-32mm from the different specifications of pipe fittings.
3. Applicable to plastic pipe, PEX pipes, PB pipes and other fittings with brass, copper connector connection, compression stainless steel sets, copper sleeve, aluminum cover.
4. Crimping range: ¢ 12 - ¢ 32mm.
5. Die Size: ¢ 1214161820252632 mm.
6. Packing: 2 sets / box, each with a tin packaging.
7. MEAS: 48 * 25 * 21cm
8. Gross Weight: 4.5kg

pipe press fittings tool advantages:

Hydraulic fitting tool (includes whole set rings of jaw rings)

1. Non-rust, anti-corrosion

2. It is easy to operate

3. It is suitable for press fitting

4. It is made of good materials

5. It is very popular in the world