CPC-40A Hydraulic Cable Cutter

CPC-40A Hydraulic Cable Cutter

Product description:

Hydraulic Cutting Tools CPC-40A is a hand-operated tool, used to cut cable / Wire Strands / Wire Ropes and Round Bar (soft copper / aluminum / steel bar and rebar) , it's cutting capacity up to Dia. 40mm. With latch type, 180 degree rotatable cutting head, sharp cutting Blades, double speed unit and safety valve assembled: Easy Flexibl Fast Safe cutting can be assured.


1. Application: Cutting Cable / Wire Strands / Wire Ropes / Round Bar (Soft Cu/ Al/ Steel Bar Rebar)

2. Cutting Capacity: Max. Diameter 40mm (Refer to Cutting Capacity Sheet)

3. Output: 7T

4. Package: Carrying Plastic Case

5. Length: 580mm Weight: 5kg


1. Hand-operated: With the help of hydraulic power, cutting can be easily completed by hands

2. Latch Style 180 Rotatable Cutting Head Design: For easy cable inserting and flexible operation in narrow place

3. Double Speed Unit: For quick cutting. Allow quick oil delivery under no-load condition, build sufficient working pressure under load condition

4. Safety Valve assembled inside: For safe cutting. Automatically relief working pressure when rated pressure is reached

5. Plastic case package: For easy carrying and protect tools well

6. Cutting Blades can be purchased seperately

Cutting Capacity Sheet

Material Cutting Capacity
Wire Ropes 6*7 hemp-core 20
6*12 hemp-core 25
6*19 hemp-core 25
Round Bar Soft Copper Bar 20
Soft Al Bar 22
Soft Steel Bar 16
Re-Bar 13
Wire Strands Cu Strands 32
Al Strands 32
1*7 guy steel wire strands 20
1*19 guy steel wire strands 20
Cable Under ground Cable 40