CPC-20A Compact Hydraulic Cable Cutter

CPC-20A Compact Hydraulic Cable Cutter

Product description:

Hydraulic Cutter CPC-20A is a hand-operated, self-contained tool. It is applicable for cutting wire ropes, wire strands, round bar and cables up to Diameter 20mm. In order to make cutting fast and safely, double speed unit and safety valve are assembled. Latch type cutting head design allow easy cable inserting.


1. Applicable for Cutting Wire Ropes / Wire Strands / Round Bar / Cables

2. Output: 5T

3. Cutting Capacity: Max. Diameter 20mm

4. Weight: 3.14kg

5. Length: 420mm

6. Package: Plastic Carrying Case

Cutting Capacity Sheet

Cutting Material

Cutting Capacity
(mm) (Outer Diameter)

Wire Ropes 6*7 Hemp-core 16
6*12 Hemp-core 20
6*19 Hemp-core 20
Round Bar Soft Cu Bar 20
Soft Al Bar 16
Soft Steel Bar 16
Reinforcing Bar 13
Wire Strands Bare Cu Strands 20
Bare Al Strands 20
Cable Under ground cable 30


1. Latch Type Cutting Head Design: For easy cable inserting

2. 180 degree rotatable head design: For flexible operation in narrow place

3. Double Speed Unit: For fast cutting. Allow quick oil delivery under no load condition, provide sufficient working pressure when cutting material is contacted by blades

4. Safety Valve: For safe cutting. Automatically relief pressure, protect hydraulic system from overpressure

5. Plastic carrying case for easy carrying and protect tool well