EZ-45 Hydraulic Cable Cutter of Battery Operated

EZ-45 Hydraulic Cable Cutter of Battery Operated

Product description:

EZ-45 Hydraulic Cable Cutter of Battery Operated for max. 150mm2 , with 60KN cutting force, Max 20mm stroke.

1. On-site control: Control and Inspection; electronics with integrated pressure test provides an immediate error display without the use of additional equipment.
2. Efficiency control: Multifunctional LED indicates maintenance and battery control.
3. Automatic retraction stops (ARS) after completed crimping: stops at the correct position to secure further multiple parallel crimps of similar type.
4. High performance 18 V Lithium-Ion Batteries offering 50% higher capacity.
5. Power save function through motor stop feature (Automatic stop) once operation cycle is completed.
6. Two stage hydraulics more powerful.


EZ-45 Battery Operated Cable Cutter

Cutting force:




Cutting per charge:

150 cuts (150mm2 Cu cable)

Cutting cycle:

3s-6s (depend on the size)

Cutting range:

45mm (Cu/ Al cable)

Battery voltage:


Battery capacity:


Charging time:



steel case

Note: 2 Battery, 1 Charger, 2 set O-ring for oil vat and safety valve

http: //www.blf-tools.com/ products/ cable-cutter/ hydraulic-cable-cutter.html