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PCB circuit board engraving machine HW2020

PCB circuit board engraving machine HW2020
  • PCB circuit board engraving machine HW2020
Product code: 23688800001
Unit price: 21900-24900 CNY
Reference price: 3183.05-3619.08 USD
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1, the automatic home positioning: eliminate visual errors, more accurate positioning.

2. Regional engraving: select any region carving area.

3, breakpoint carving: starting from an arbitrary percentage of carving or engraving to the end of a certain percentage.

4, real-time display processing path: Before processing the first show all machining path, display the current position in real time in the process.

5. Select any region carving: Select any region carving.

6, Smart Engraving: Select two chisel, carving automatically assigned area without affecting the precision carving case, choose a large chisel, fast milling out large chunks of blank areas.

7, safe, reliable, XYZ double limit protection, overrun from the stop

8, Universal drilling: for more than 0.8 above the hole, dug holes with a cutter, reducing the number of tool changes.

9, the work spindle carrying lighting function, more convenient to observe the entire process of carving board.

10, software compatibility, compatible format: PROTEL99SE / DXP, POWERPCB, Altium Designer09, Cam350, Eagle, Pads, Proteus, Auto CAD and the like.

11, tool type and drilling depth can be optionally added (0.2-3.175CM).

The main parameters:

Machined surface: Single / double panel

The largest processing board (cm): 20 * 20

The minimum processing diameter (mil): 8

Minimum processing line from (mil): 8

Working speed (m / min): 2.4

Resolution: 0.003125mm

Spindle speed (r / min): 0-60000 stepless

Spindle power (w): 95

Linear guide: linear guide

Transmission: Ball screw

Drilling Aperture (mm): 0.4-3.175

Drilling speed (strokes / min): 80

Control mode: ARM

Communication: RS-232 / USB

Power: AC220V 50HZ

Operating System: WindowsXP, Vista, Windows7

Software compatible format: PROTEL, DXP, POWERPCB, AUTOCAD, etc.

The minimum memory configuration (MB): 256

Weight: 75KG

Power consumption: 200VA