MCCB Dual Power Automatic Transfer Switch

MCCB Dual Power Automatic Transfer Switch

Product description:

Quick Details

  • Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China (Mainland)

  • Brand Name: YUYE

  • Model Number: YEQ2CC-

  • Max. Current: 1250A

  • Certificates: CE/ CCC/ ISO

  • Poles Optional: 3/4p

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details: standard carton or wooden case
Delivery Detail: normally within 15 days


1. with protection of short circuit and over load;
2. the controller can be installed on the cabinet panel .

AC220V Fission MCCB Dual Power Automatic Transfer Switch

1) rated voltagecurrent/ frequency: 220V , 10-630A, 50/60HZ.

2) poles optional: 3/4p.

3) With transfer modes of self-input and self-recover,self-input without self-recover

4) schneider/ ABB circuit breaker is possible.

5) protection functions : short circuit/ over load/ over voltage/ under voltage/ phase loss and alarming.

6) automatic transfer when there is over voltage/ under voltage/ phase loss and intelligent alarm.

7) with intelligent motor protection.

8) there is interface for remote control, remote adjustment, telecontrol, telesignalization, telemetering.

9) With a strong anti-interference capability, its suitable for complicated environment interfered by strong electromagnetic waves;
10) Allow users to change some parameters such as the working state and transfer delay period in site or in monitoring center;

1) Serve district: hospital, shoping mall, bank, fire control, ppostal communication, urban rail transportion, high-rise buildings, industrial assembly line, television station, chemical industry, metallurge industry, military and so on places

Electrical characteristics:
Working voltage: AC220V/ 50Hz;
Transfer delay: 0.5s~90s continuously adjustable;
Return delay: 0.5s~90s continuously adjustable;
Under-voltage transfer volume: 145-210V continuously adjustable;
Over voltage transfer volume: 230-300V continuously adjustable;
Transfer period: Less (4s
Types of breakers:
C: Domestic breaker (CM1, C45)
N: Schneider breaker (NS, C65)
P: ABB breaker (ABB)
Optional matchable Controller:
A: Basic type (only offer self-transfer and self-recovery integrated ATS)

B: Intelligent type (display the power supply voltage, start generator, fire fighting linkage) integrated type;
C: Intelligent type (including control functions of B) digital tube display, split type;
D: Intelligent type (including control functions of B, liquid crystal Chinese display interface) split type;

YEQ2 Series intelligent dual power automatic swithes is made up of two units in 3 pole and 4 pole of
MCCB and (auxiliary contacl, alarm contact) ,the mechani cal interlo cking transmission, intelligent controller
and other components. It has the integral style and split type with two kinds mechanism. Integral controller
is equipped with a base and executing agencies ; Split type is intelligent controll er installe d in the panem
User take the base by implementing agencies to install into the cabinet controller with about 2m cables.


1) Reliable mechanical interlock between the two circuit breakers and electrical in terlock dev ice .Eeliminate
the two devices closing completely at the same time.
2) SCM intelligent controller used to control the core hardware is simple and powerful, expansion of convenience.
high reliability.
3) It has a short circuit, over load protection functions, over voltage, under voltage, loss phase automatic
transfer function andintelligent alarm function.
4) Automatic switching external parameters can be set free.
5) Operation of Intelligent motor protection
6) The control circuit devices with fire, fire control cente r to a cont rol signal into intell igent controller. Two
sets circuit breaker will enter a stating of breaking .

7) There is a computer network interface for achieving remote control four remote telemetry functions