New MCCB 3 Phase Generator Manual Or Automatic Changeover Switch

New MCCB 3 Phase Generator Manual Or Automatic Changeover Switch

Product description:

Quick Details

  • Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China (Mainland)

  • Brand Name: YUYE

  • Model Number: YEQ2LY-

  • Max. Current: 800A

  • rated current: 10-800A

  • Pole number: 3/4P

  • Certificate: ISO9001/ CE/ CCC

  • frequecy: 50/60Hz

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details: standard carton or wooden case
Delivery Detail: normally within 15days


1) Newly developed mccb type changeover switch
2) before generator starts, minor load can be unloaded.

YEQ2 New MCCB 3 Phase Manual or Automatic Changeover Switch

1) rated voltagecurrent/ frequency: 380 (400) V , 10-800A, 50HZ.

2) With transfer modes of self-input and self-recover,self-input without self-recover, public power-generator, public power-public power.

3) YCM-LY type controller.

4) protection functions : short circuit/ over load/ over voltage/ under voltage/ phase loss and alarming. .

5) automatic transfer when there is short circuit/ over load protection/ over voltage/ under voltage/ phase loss and intelligent alarm.

6) with intelligent motor protection.

7) with fire control circuit, when there is a signal from fire control center to the intelligent controller, the two breaker will both break.

8) with generator starting signal function, when the main power is abnormal, the controller of ATS will issue starting signal, the generator is started automatically.

9) Serve district: hospital, shoping mall, bank, fire control, ppostal communication, urban rail transportion, high-rise buildings, industrial assembly line, television station, chemical industry, metallurge industry, military and so on places


The Intelligent Dual Power Manual or Automatic Changeover Switch Equipment is suitable to the double power supply system of AC50/60Hz, rated votlage415 below, rated current 2000A below and it can realize the automatic change between the main power (N) and standby power (R) (the manual switch is also available) .the ATSE is widely applied at power supply system, high-rise building, residence, military facilities, hospital, airport, dock, shopping mall, communication, fire control, metallurgy, chemical industry, weaving, petroleum and so on places where the outage is not allowed.


1) IEC60947-1 general rule;

2) IEC60947-61 (automatic transfer switch equipment) ;

3) IEC947.2;

4) GB14048.11

Working Conditions

1) the air temperature is between -10°c and +40°c;

2) the altitude at the installation place should be not higher than 2000m;

3) pollution class: 3, the air should be without the gas , liquid and conductive dust that mixed explosive gas or that corrodes metal and damage the insulation;

4) air conditions: at max temperature +40°c, the air relative humidity should be not more than 50%, high relative humidity is not allowed at low temperature, the average temperature should be not more than +25°c at the max humidity month and the average max relative humidity in this month should not exceed 90%.

5) If above conditions are not permitted , the user should talk about with the manufacturer.


1) the intelligent double power switching equipment is composed of controller and switch body. For fission type , the controller and the body is connected by special cable.

2) the body of the intelligent equipment is composed of special clockwise and anti-clockwise motor, circuit breaker, mechanical interlock, aviation plug, wiring terminal etc, all the components are installed at one metal board.

3) the intelligent equipment has mechanical and electrical double protection functions, the safety is guaranteed.


The automatic controller can detect the voltage of two power supply system, when the power voltage exceed 270VAC, the controller decides it to be over voltage, when the voltage is lower than 70%~85% rated voltage (set by user) ,the controller decides it to be under voltage, the microcomputer judge the detected result and decides, then send out relative orders of breaking, closing, generator start, unload, alarm. Above detected results are displayed on the controller panel for user query. The intelligent controller has the following three types: 1) self-transfer, self-recover between utility and utility 2) self-transfer, not self-recover between utility and utility 3) utility-generator.

the Electrical Performance of Controller and Function

1. Voltage detection of main and backup power supply (under-voltage 70%-85% adjustable, over voltage 270VAC)
2. Free interchange among the three modes (self-transfer self-recovery; self-transfer non self-recovery; electric grid-generator)
3. Fire fighting alarming linkage shift to 0 (insulated contact input)
4. Automatic/ manual operation optional
5. Issue generator starting signals under electric grid-generator mode
6. Can set switch on and switch off delay period individually (freely adjustable range 0.5-30)